an interview with a man who sends me wedgie pics

and the ongoing mystery of the fake accounts

This needs some context.

Back in 2018, in the days long before Covid and clapping, I wrote an article about wedgie fetishes. I found some people (all men) with a kink for wedgies, chatted with them about it, wrote up the feature, and had a great time.

It was pretty well received, apart from the usual messages/comments declaring Metro a ‘porn paper’ and me a pervert. It was one of those pieces that I love writing, because everyone wants to chat about it. Months on, when people asked what I’d been working on recently, I’d mention the wedgie fetish piece and we’d have a great conversation.

The article was published in March. In July, I got a message from a friend, asking if an account, ellencscott_2, was me. They had nicked my pics, followed a bunch of people I know, then messaged them. The messages started off innocently - but out of character; a number of people twigged it wasn’t me the moment they started with ‘hey hun x’ and similar - then the fake me would bring up wedgies. They had an interesting approach. Rather than just straight up asking for wedgies or sending pics, they would pretend they had just heard about the fetish and were shocked at how ‘weird’ it was.

I asked people to report the account, it got taken down. Another one popped up, again using my name (and blocking me, so I couldn’t see it), again it got taken down after I asked people it had contacted to report it.

I thought that was the end of it. Then a year or so later, something weird happened. A new account was following, replying to, and messaging a bunch of female journalists. This one wasn’t in my name, but instead claimed to be someone called Holly (I won’t use their last name, because an unrelated person does indeed exist with this name). They said they were a freelance journalist working for Refinery29. Everyone who interacted with them had the same story - they chatted normally about articles and general life stuff, then, days, weeks, even months in, they would mention receiving messages from a guy asking about wedgies.

‘She’ would use laughing crying emoji, shocked faces, and would discuss this man as something completely bizarre. Most people didn’t respond, because what is there to say?

‘Holly’ even signed up to come to a yoga event Metro were doing. I was there setting up and sorting breakfast. I don’t know if I saw the person there.

Eventually, we looked into ‘Holly’. She wasn’t a real person. She had no bylines on Refinery29 or anywhere else and her picture belonged to a different girl. When people started to realise this, the account disappeared.

There were talks of other accounts, Sarah S (again, not using the last names here), Amy J, Holly again. We seemed to be tracing them back to a man named Jon, with a last name close to the one chosen for Holly, then the trail went cold.

I often wondered if I had started this whole debacle by writing the feature. I kept an eye out for other suspicious accounts, because I was - and still am - really keen to get to the bottom of who this person is and what they want.

It was quiet for a while. Then, in July 2021, I got a message from a new account, created in June 2021.

It read: ‘Hey, I love your work !! Was wondering if i could ask you about an interesting article you wrote a while back.’ When I responded, they said: ‘Okay it was like an article about seeing people get wedgies or something? Like where was that/how did you come across it [crying laughing emoji]’.

This man went on to send me photos of someone (he says it’s him) being wedgied in public places. He denied being ‘Jon’ or making any of the previous fake accounts, but then said ‘I think that mightve been me’. I’m still not sure what the truth is, but what follows is an interview with this man.

[One of the images this man sent me]

Hi! Who are you?

I am 19, going to school currently and don’t work as of now, I guess you could consider me shorter and skinnier. I’m single rn.

Did you ever make an Instagram account using my name, then message my friends pretending to be me? Are you the person responsible for creating accounts using any of the following names? [redacted]

No I have not done either of those.

How long have you been involved in the world of wedgie fetishes?

I don’t know exactly how long, I’d guess around three or four years? I was given a lot of wedgies throughout all levels of school by cousins and others so that may have contributed.

Wait, so you used to get wedgies as a bullying thing? When did it turn from that into a fetish?

It was hard to tell... I guess I never got, like, turned on by wedgies from bullies or whatever? I mostly got lots of wedgies from my two cousins who are girls, if wasnt until I was probably around high school I realized I liked it.

How did you feel when you realised you were into wedgies?

I was definitely confused, I was/am ashamed of it and for a long time just wished I was normal and really struggled with it.

What is it about wedgies that gets you off?

I think it is the appeal of someone else being in control. Being the nerd wearing tighty whities, lifted into the air, or hanging helplessly is like straight out of a movie I guess? It also feels good in a way I can’t really explain, but it is mainly the act of being bullied and being someones nerd with no power.

Do you prefer to give or receive?

Definitely the person receiving them, I don’t mind giving but I definitely prefer receiving.

What makes a good wedgie?

Lots of things - the foreplay is important, slowly lifting the shirt, feeling your fingers on your lower back then gripping the waistband and slowly feeling the underwear rise up and in - then just pulling harder until you’re at full force, the best wedgie doesn’t rip or anything like that. Also grabbing the legholes and lifting, and actually lifting me off the ground by my whiteys.

What are you hoping happens when you message someone like me about wedgies out of the blue?

I think the goal is definitely to start a conversation about wedgies and get them talking about wedgies, and eventually turn it to my wedgies in hopes they will laugh at me and make fun of me, I guess? Mainly to start conversation though.

Do you enjoy feeling people are judging or shaming you for having a wedgie fetish? Is that part of the appeal?

I don’t know if I enjoy the judgement and shame, but what definitely is part of the appeal is being laughed at and made fun of, and like being the ‘nerd’ in the situation, getting bullied.

Something that I've noticed happening a lot is people messaging me and not saying they have a wedgie fetish, but pretending they've just come across it or it's new to them. They'll say it's 'weird' or ask me how I found out about it, then after a while will admit they're already involved in that fetish world. Why is that? Is there something arousing in pretending you don't know about it, or asking me to explain it?

I think some of it is partly exciting in pretending to not know much and have you explain it. I also think part of it is people actually wanting you to respond to them and talk. Not many people will respond if you just start talking about wedgies and all this so people (including myself) try to act dumb to start the conversation and get you talking about it. It is definitely exciting for some to just talk about it or especially have a girl/guy explain it.

I think you're right about the exciting part of getting someone to explain it. Just to give you some context, the person who made those fake accounts was really sustaining the pretense for a while, which I found really interesting. Do you think there's an aspect of having to build trust/reassure people you're not being weird before you're able to bring up wedgies?

Yes there is definitely an aspect of building trust and becoming a friend... in my experience and I’m guessing for others it’s because you want to be able to sustain the conversation and keep talking about wedgies and have them laugh and make fun of you, and they won’t do that if you just dm someone randomly about it. [crying laughing face]. I am surprised to hear that went on for so long though.

Do you speak with other people with wedgie fetishes online? Do you ever have meetups?

I have an instagram account, @nerdyboyhaha, that I use and talk with a lot of people and mainly use to try to find meetups, but usually the people that message are creepy or too much. I have done only one meetup but hope to do more and maybe one in the next couple days lol.

The one time I did a ‘meetup’ I talked to the guy through instagram DM and we eventually met up and he did all different sorts of wedgies to me at a park.

You said sometimes the messages are creepy… at what point does it cross the line?

When they cross the line is when they immediately say something weird, creepy or sexual, or like I will ask them to stop and they just continue to bother me.

Do you ever talk about wedgies with people you know IRL?

No way… I am definitely scared of judgement and ashamed of it. I try to keep it a secret if possible and never bring it up unless I was talking to someone I was interested in.

What about dating? Would you want wedgies to be involved in a relationship or do you want to keep the fetish separate?

I don’t bring up wedgies when trying to talk to girls and stuff, I only bring it up if it’s a decently serious relationship.

I would definitely want someone I was dating to wedgie me and bully me haha, thats like a fantasy, lol, I’ve always wanted to be like hanging and dangling by my Tighty Whities and make out with a girl lmao.

Have you had any awkward experiences?

A girl I knew and I went to a store once for her to wedgie me in public. That was pretty awkward because I was very nervous and I think she was very weirded out.

The times when you've had wedgies in public - can you explain a bit more about that? How does it work, do you roleplay first or get straight into the wedgie? What happens after the wedgie?

I’ve never gotten them truly in public, but I have been hung up in public places, its fun lol. I stay in the hanging wedgie for as long as I can then get down however I can lol. It’s very exciting to be in wedgies in public.

Why did you send me pics of yourself getting wedgies?

I sent them to keep the convo going because I knew you would probably respond to that, and I wanted your reaction to definitely laugh at me or something like that and make fun of me a bit, like call me a nerd or something or say like ‘how does that even happen?’

Do you ever message other people you don’t know about wedgies?

Not really - I used to ask people I knew to give me wedgies, but that definitely didn’t work out. I mostly messaged you because of your article, but I don’t normally do this.

Is there anything you want to say on behalf of the wedgie fetish community? Whoever it is that’s making fake accounts is making wedgie-ers look pretty bad.

I guess I want people to know we are not trying to come off as very weird and odd, we’re just embarassed and thats why we have fake accounts. Unfortunately there are a lot of creeps so I can’t speak for everyone but I would just say to laugh at them if someone dms you with wedgies. That’s probably what they want.

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